Imperial Princess Hoshi (輔子内親王)

Imperial Princess Hoshi (Sukeko) (953 - April 13, 992) was a member of the Imperial Family during the middle of the Heian period. She served as Ise Saigu (an unmarried princess serving at Ise-jingu Shrine). She was the seventh Princess of Emperor Murakami. Her mother was Empress FUJIWARA no Anshi (the daughter of Udaijin (Minister of the Right), FUJIWARA no Morosuke). Her maternal half-brothers and half-sisters included Emperor Reizei, Emperor Enyu, Imperial Prince Tamehira, Imperial Princess Tsuguko, Imperial Princess Shishi, and Imperial Princess Senshi. She was awarded the rank of nihon (the second court rank for Imperial Princes).

In 965, Mogi (coming-of-age ceremony for girls) was held. On August 2, 968, it was decided, by fortunetelling, that she would become Saigu of her elder brother, Emperor Reizei, thus entering Shosaiin (Hall of Initial Abstinence) (Konoefu - the Headquarters of the Inner Palace Guards) on January 20, 969. On December 20, 969, she resigned from Shosaiin upon Emperor Reizei's abdication of the throne. On April 13, 992, she died at age 40.

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