Imperial Princess Izu (伊都内親王)

Imperial Princess Izu (year of birth unknown, died on October 30, 861) was a member of the Imperial Family during the early Heian period. Izu (伊都) is also written as 伊豆. She was the eighth Princess of the Emperor Kanmu, and her mother was FUJIWARA no Heishi (daughter of FUJIWARA no Takatoshi, who held the title of vice-councilor of state), who was a Kyujin (court lady). She was a half sister of the Emperors Heizei, Saga, and Junna. She was the wife of the Imperial Prince Abo, and the mother of ARIWARA no Narihira. She was muhon (without a court rank).

Her name Izu is believed to have derived from the Izu clan, from which came her menoto (a woman providing breast-feed to a highborn baby). She became the wife of Imperial Prince Abo around 824, and gave birth to Narihira in 825. In 842, her husband died. Initially, she lived in a residence in the area south of Sanjo-bomon-koji Street and west of the Takakura-koji Street (later Narihira moved into the residence), but she went into seclusion in her later years in a mountain villa in Nagaoka (present-day Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto Prefecture). She died on October 30, 861. It appears that she died at around the age of 60.

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