Imperial Princess Junshi (珣子内親王)

Imperial Princess Junshi (1093 - December 2, 1132) was a member of the Imperial Family during the latter half of the Heian period. Ise Saigu (an unmarried princess serving at Ise-jingu Shrine). She was the sixth princess of Emperor Shirakawa, and her mother was the daughter of Mokuryo (Bureau of Carpentry), FUJIWARA no Suezane. She was a younger sister of Emperor Horikawa by a different mother.

Her mother, the daughter of FUJIWARA no Suezane secretly gave birth to Imperial Princess Junshi, and she was approved by Shirakawain in 1108. On December 9, 1108, she was given the title of princess, and was designated as Ise Saigu (vestal virgin princess serving at Ise-jingu Shrine) by bokujo (decided by fortunetelling) on the same day. In October 1110, she was posted to Ise, and was called Higuchi Saigu (Water pipe gate Saigu, unmarried princess serving at Ise-jingu Shrine). After thirteen years of service, she resigned and left for Kyoto in February 1123 due to the abdication of Emperor Toba. She passed away on December 2, 1132 at the age of forty.

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