Imperial Princess Kibi (吉備内親王)

Imperial Princess Kibi (year of birth unknown - March 20, 729) is the second daughter of Prince Kusakabe and Empress Genmei. The sister of Empress Gensho and Emperor Monmu. The wife of Prince Nagaya. She was forced into suicide in the Nagayao no Hen (Conspiracy of Nagayao).

She married Prince Nagaya and gave birth to Kashiwade no Okimi, Prince Katsuragi, and Kagitori no Okimi. On April 7, 715, her sons became imperial descendants. In the same year, she was ordained Sanbon (the third rank of the Imperial Princes' rank) after the era name turned to Reiki. On March 7, 724, she was ordained Nihon (the second court rank for Imperial Princes).

However, in March 729, employees of Prince Nagaya, Nuribeno Miyatsuko Kimitari and Nakatomino Miyakono Muraji Azumabito laid information against him saying that he did "Sato (an evil course)". Prince Nagaya was forced to kill himself. Imperial Princess Kibi died by hanging with her three sons. She was buried on Mt. Ikoma as was Prince Nagaya.

If Prince Motoi, the Crown Prince suddenly died and if anything happened to Emperor Shomu who was sick himself at that time, the Imperial Princess who was the aunt of the Emperor and her sons were thought to have had the possibility of succeeding the Imperial Throne. Some say in the context of the Emperor's believing in the information without solid foundation to force Prince Nagaya, the leader of the government, to commit suicide was the Emperor's doubts and fears about the throne.

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