Imperial Princess Kinshi (均子内親王)

Imperial Princess Kinshi (890 - April 12, 910) was a member of the Imperial Family and a princess during the Heian period. Her father was Emperor Uda (MINAMOTO no Sadami), and her mother was FUJIWARA no Onshi. She was the only daughter of FUJIWARA no Onshi. Later, she became the wife of Imperial Prince Atsuyoshi who was her older paternal half-brother.

In "Ise Monogatari" (The tales of Ise), a tale of poems of Japan, she appeared as a poet who participated in waka gathering with FUJIWARA no Onshi, HARUSUMI no Amaneiko, Ise (waka poet), the daughter of FUJIWARA no Takatsune; she left her name as a poet.

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