Imperial Princess Kuniko (邦子内親王)

Imperial Princess Kuniko (1209 - October 3, 1283) was a member of the Imperial family during the Kamakura period, and was nyoin (a close female relative of the Emperor or a woman of comparable standing). She became Junbo (a woman who was given the status equivalent to the emperor's birth mother) of Emperor Gohorikawa, and Kisainomiya (empress). She was called Ankamonin after being given ingo (a title of respect given to close female relatives of the Emperor or a woman of comparable standing). Her homyo (a name given to a person who enters the Buddhist priesthood) was Shonyokaku. Her father was Imperial Prince Gotakakurain Morisada, and her mother was Chinshi/Nobuko JIMYOIN (Kitashirakawain), the daughter of Motoie JIMYOIN. Her younger maternal brother was Emperor Gohorikawa, and her elder maternal sister was Imperial Princess Shikikenmonin Toshiko. She took over huge estates such as; most parts of Hachijoin-ryo (estates of Hachijo-in) from her father, Emperor Gotakakurain. Thereafter, Ankamoin-Ryo (Estates of Ankamonin) mainly consisting of Hachijoin-ryo was transferred to Emperor Godaigo via Emperor Kameyama, Emperor Gouda, and Imperial Princess Shokeimonin Kishi.

Brief Personal History

Born in 1209.

In 1221, the Jokyu War
Her younger brother, Emperor Gohorikawa, succeeded to the throne. She was given title of Imperial Princess under the imperial proclamation, and became Kisainomiya as Junbo of Emperor Gohorikawa under the imperial investiture.

In 1223, inherited most parts of Hachijoin-ryo upon the death of her father, Gotakakurain

In 1224, given ingo under the imperial proclamation
Called 'Ankamonin' after becoming nyoin.

In 1235, entered into the priesthood

In 1238, Mother, Kitashirakawain, died

Died in 1283.

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