Imperial Princess Kyushi (Yasuko) (休子内親王)

Imperial Princess Kyushi (Yasuko) (1157 - April 7, 1171) was a member of the Imperial family at the end of the Heian Period. Ise Saigu (vestal virgin princess serving at the Ise-jingu Shrine). She was the fourth daughter of the Emperor Goshirakawa, and her mother was FUJIWARA no Shigeko, a Junii (Junior Second Rank), and the daughter of FUJIWARA no Suenari. Her siblings with the same mother include the Imperial Princess Ryoshi (Inpumonin), the Imperial Princess Koshi (Yoshiko), the Imperial Princess Noriko (Shikishi), the Priestly Imperial Prince Shukaku and the Prince Mochihito.

In December 1166, she was selected by fortune telling to be the Saigu for her nephew, the Emperor Rokujo, and in June, 1167 entered into the Shosaiin (Hall of Initial Abstinence) - Daizenshiki (Office of the Palace Table). In October of the same year, she entered the Nonomiya (Field Palace), but she returned in March 1168 without finishing the Gunko (three years of purification for Saigu at Nonomiya, and returned to Ise) due to the abdication from the throne of Emperor Rokujo. On April 14, 1171, she died at the age of 15.

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