Imperial Princess Nagako (掲子内親王)

Imperial Princess Nagako (year of birth unknown - March 27, 914) was a member of the Imperial Family during the early Heian period. Ise Saigu (Imperial Princess appointed to serve the deities of the Ise-jingu Shrine) of Emperor Yozei. The name "掲子内親王" is also represented "揚子内親王" or "楊子内親王."
The seventh princess of Emperor Montoku
Younger half sister of Emperor Seiwa
Muhon (without a court rank)

There are several views about her real mother such as the mother was koi (nyokan, a lady waiting in the court) by "Teio Hennenki" (the Chronicle of emperors) or a kokyu (consort of the emperor) FUJIWARA no Konshi by "Honcho Koinjounroku" (the Emperor's family tree, made in the Muromachi period), therefore there is no generally accepted view. In April, 882, she was decided as Ise Saigu by fortunetelling to replace Imperial Princess Satoko (the princess of Emperor Seiwa) who resigned from Ise Saigu upon the demise of Emperor Seiwa. In 883, the next year, she entered Nonomiya (Field Palace for imperial princesses to purify themselves), but before gunko (to go into Ise Shrine after the period of the purification), she resigned from Ise Saigu because of the Emperor Yozei's abdication from the throne in 884. On March 27, 914 she passed away.

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