Imperial Princess Reiko (れい子内親王)

Imperial Princess Reiko (October 12, 1270 - August 30, 1307) was an Imperial Princess of Emperor Gofukakusa.
The Empress of Gouda, Nyoin (a close female relative of the Emperor or a woman of comparable standing)
Her real mother was Kimiko SAIONJI, Higashinijo-in, Chugu (the second consort of an emperor). Her ingo (a title of respect given to close female relatives of Emperor or a woman of comparable standing) was Yugimonin.

Brief Personal History

Born on October 12, 1270. She received Naishinno senge (the title Princess by Imperial order) in 1271. In August, 1285, she was formally proclaimed Empress as junbo (a woman who was given the status equivalent to the emperor's mother) of Emperor Gonijo (Sonsho Kogo, an empress who was not actually the spouse of an emperor but given only the honorific title, however, this may not be true because this was too soon after the birth of Gonijo and the emperor was not formally installed as Crown Prince). In September, 1291, she was given the permission to use the title of nyoin. Around in July, 1294 she moved to the Retired Emperor's Palace in Reizei Madenokoji of the Retired Emperor Gouda. In February, 1304, Higashinijo-in, her real mother, passed away. In August of the same year the Retired Emperor Gouda died. On August 30, 1307 she passed away due to an acute disease. Two days later after her death, the Retired Emperor Gouda entered into priesthood.

According to "Masukagami" (a history book on the Kamakura period) the Retired Emperor Gouda on Daikakujito (imperial lineage starting with Emperor Kameyama) fell in love with Imperial Princess Reiko who was the most favorite daughter of Emperor Gofukakusa on Jimyointo (imperial lineage from Emperor to Emperor Gokomatsu) and he could not stop loving her, therefore the Retired Emperor Gouda abducted her at last from her residence. This might have been quite a scandal because the Imperial Court at the time was split into two groups of Jimyointo and Daikakujito and both groups bitterly conflicted with each other. Although the details of the scandal was not clear, it seems true that the Retired Emperor deeply loved her, judging from the fact that he treated her with extreme care and that he entered into priesthood on her funeral day, mourning her sudden death.

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