Imperial Princess Ujiko (氏子内親王)

Imperial Princess Ujiko (year of birth unknown - May 23, 885) was a member of the Imperial Family during the first half of the Heian period. Ise Saigu (vestal virgin princess serving at Ise-jingu Shrine). She was the first princess of Emperor Junna, and her mother was Prince Koshi (given the title Empress after her death) (princess of Emperor Kanmu). Imperial Prince Tsuneyo, Imperial Princess Ariko, Imperial Princess Sadako were her siblings by the same mother.

After Imperial Princess Jinshi (daughter of Emperor Saga) resigned, she became Saigu (Imperial Princess appointed to serve the deities of the Ise-jingu Shrine) of her father, Emperor Junna on July 18, 823. On March 30, 827, she resigned her position because of a disease; Princess Yoshiko (daughter of Imperial Prince Nakano) took over the position. On May 23, 885, she passed away.

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