Imperial Princess Yushi (祐子内親王)

Imperial Princess Yushi (Imperial Princess Sukeko/Imperial Princess Sachiko)

She was the princess of Emperor Gosuzaku.

She was the princess of Emperor Showa.

Imperial Princess Yushi (princess of Emperor Gosuzaku)

Imperial Princess Yushi (June 2, 1038 - December 22, 1105) was the third princess of the Emperor Gosuzaku and her mother was Chugu (the second consort of an emperor) FUJIWARA no Genshi (a daughter of Imperial Prince Atsuyasu and an adopted daughter of FUJIWARA no Yorimichi). Her other name was Takakura no ichimiya or Takakuradono no miya (Takakura no miya). Imperial Princess Baishi (princess of Emperor Gosuzaku) was her younger sister by the same mother. FUJIWARA no Moromichi was her adopted son.

She became an Imperial Princess two months after her birth by Imperial proclamation. After her mother, the Empress Genshi, died, she was brought up by Yorimichi and was conferred in November 1040 the title of Jugo (honorable title next to three empresses) at the same time during the ceremony of chakko (first-time wearing of hakama). As she lived at the Takakura-dai residence along with Yorimichi, she was called Takakura no ichimiya or Takakuradono no miya. She entered the Buddhist priesthood in 1072. Although she was conferred the court rank of Nihon (the second court rank for Imperial Prince/Princess) in 1074 by Emperor Shirakawa, her nephew, she declined. She died on December 22, 1105 at the age of 68.

Imperial Princess Yushi often held uta-awase (waka poem competition), organized a big cultural salon around her and was well-known as a person for whom female poets, such as Yushi Naishinno-ke no Kii (Kii, Lady-in-Waiting to Imperial Princess Yushi) and the daughter of SUGAWARA no Takasue, served for her.

Imperial Princess Yushi (a princess of Emperor Showa)

Imperial Princess Hisanomiya Sachiko (September 10, 1927 - March 8, 1928) was a member of the Japanese Imperial Family. She was born as the second princess between Emperor Showa and the Empress Kojun. Her title was Hisanomiya. She died young only six months after her birth due to septicimia.

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