Imperial prince Takayoshi (尊良親王)

Imperial prince Takayoshi, also pronounced Takanaga (1310 - April 7, 1337) was Emperor Godaigo's Prince. His mother was Tameyo NIJO's daughter, Tameko. His real older brother was Imperial Prince Muneyoshi, also pronounced Munenaga. Please refer to the pronunciation of Emperor Godaigo's Prince as there were two different ways to pronounce his name.


He was brought up by Sadafusa YOSHIDA. He had a coming-of-age ceremony in 1326 and was appointed to Nakatsukasakyo (an official rank equivalent to Shoshiinojo (Senior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade)). In January 1331 since he was appointed as ippon (the first rank of Imperial Princes), he was called Ippon Nakatsukasakyo Imperial Prince. During the Genko War he went to Mt. Kasagi with his father, however they lost the battle and both himself and his father were caught by the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) forces and sentenced to banished to Tosa Province. However he escaped and returned to Kyushu, after that he went back to Kyoto. In 1335, when Takauji ASHIKAGA raised his army against Emperor Godaigo, Imperial Prince Takayoshi lead the punitive force with Yoshisada NITTA but they lost the battle. The following year, when Takauji regained his political power, after once escaping to Kyushu, and then returned to Kyoto, he escaped to Hokuriku with Yoshisada. However on March 6, 1337, Takauji attacked the Kanegasaki-jo Castle in Echizen Province, that Imperial Prince Takayoshi depended on. The Prince fought back against Takauji's force severely, together with Yoshisada's son, Yoshiaki NITTA, but after their food supplies were cut off by Takauji's force, they could not fight any longer and the Prince Yoshiaki, and other samurai killed themselves on March 6.

Just before they killed themselves, Yoshiaki recommended that the Prince escape from there, but he refused to do so and said he could not leave his samurai to die, for himself to survive.

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