Iwanohimenomikoto (磐之媛命)

Iwanohimenomikoto (year of birth unknown – June, 347) was an Empress of the Kofun period. She was the daughter of KATSURAGI no Sotsuhiko. She was the great great great grandchild (great-great-grandson in Kojiki [The Records of Ancient Matters]) of the male line of Emperor Kogen. She was the empress of Emperor Nintoku, and the mother of Emperor Richu, Prince Sumiyoshi, Emperor Hanzei, and Emperor Ingyo. She became an Empress in 314. Iwanohimenomikoto became jealous easily, and in 342, when she went to play in Kumano and her husband invited Yata no himemiko (Emperor Nintoku's empress after Iwanohimenomikoto died) into the Court, she became very angry and moved to Tsutsukinomiya in Yamashiro (present day Kytotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture), and died at this spot.

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