Izumi no himemiko (Imperial Princess Izumi) (泉皇女)

The Imperial Princess Izumi (year of birth unknown - March 21, 734) was a princess of the Emperor Tenchi (Tenji). She had an older sister-uterine, Oe no himemiko (the Imperial Princess Oe), and an older brother-uterine, the Imperial Prince Kawashima. Saigu (the ancient imperial princesses serving at Ise-jingu Shrine).

The Princess Izumi was selected by divination as Saio (an unmarried female relative of an Japanese emperor, serving at Ise Grand Shrine [Ise-jingu Shrine]) in March 701. On February 22, 702, 当麻真人橘, who held Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), was assigned the role of Saiku no kami (a director of the Bureau of the High Priestess of Ise). After this assignment, it became customary that a government official who held Jugoinoge was assigned Saiku no kami. On March 21, 706, the Princess Izumi left the capital for Ise Province. On September 20, 706, the Princess Takata was newly selected by divination as Saio, and the Princess Izumi retired from the post of Saio. After she returned to Kyoto on February 23, 715, she was conferred Sanbon (third rank) and was given the right to collect tax from 100 more families. It is not known exactly when, but later, she was conferred Nihon (second rank). She died on March 21, 734.

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