Kachonomiya (華頂宮)

Kachonomiya is a Miyake (family allowed to have the status of Imperial family) which was established in 1868 by Imperial Prince Kachonomiya Hirotsune, who was the twelfth prince of Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Kuniie. In 1924 his family line ended, and Saishi (religious service) was taken over by the family of Marquis Kacho.

The residence was located at the present address of 16-20, 4-chome, Mita, Minato Ward, Tokyo. Presently the remain of the residence is a children's park and open to the general public.

Also there is the residence of Marquis Hironobu KACHO which was built in Kamakura in 1929. In 1996 Kamakura City acquired the land and building and the garden is open to the general public with the common name of the former Kachonomiya residence.

Imperial Prince Kachonomiya Hirotsune

Imperial Prince Hirotsune was born in 1851. He became an adopted child of the Emperor Komei, and was given the title of Imperial Prince. He entered into Chion-in Temple and called himself Takahide Nyudo Shinno (monk-Prince). After Meiji Restoration, he returned to secular life, was given Miyago (reigning name) of Kachonomiya named after Kacho-san which was the Sango (Temple's title) of Chion-in Temple, and established a family. Starting with assignment as gijo (official post), he assumed Goyogakari (a general affairs official) of Wagakko (national learning school) and danjodai (Board of Censors). After that he pursued a career as navy man and entered The United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, USA in 1870. He returned to Japan in 1873. He was promoted to a rear admiral in 1876, but died at the young age of 26.

Prince Kachonomiya Hiroatsu

The Second Prince Kachonomiya Hiroatsu was born in 1871. According to the seiki (written rules) of Kozoku (Imperial family) shinsei (bestowing a surname) determining the range of Imperial families which was established in 1867, he was supposed to be demoted from nobility to subject so that the Imperial title would be limited only to one generation of Imperial Prince Hirotsune, but with Emperor Meiji's special consideration, he remained Imperial family, and furthermore was given the title of Imperial Prince as an adopted child of Emperor Meiji. Prince Hiroatsu died in 1883.

Prince Kachonomiya Hiroyasu

The Third Prince Fushiminomiya Hiroyasu is the first prince of Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Sadanaru. His original name was Narukata. However, because his younger brother Prince Kunika, who was planned to succeed Fushiminomiya, was poor in health, he returned to Fushiminomiya.

Prince Kachonomiya Hirotada

In 1904, by an imperial order, Prince Kachonomiya Hirotada, who was the second prince of Prince Hiroyasu, entered Kacho no miya. After graduating from the Naval Academy (Japan), Prince Hirotada was promoted to sub-lieutenant, but he died in 1924. Prince Hirotada did not have any children, and Kachonomiya family line ended.

The family of Marquis Kacho

When Hironobu KACHO, who was the third son (younger brother of Prince Kachonomiya Hirotada) of Prince Fushiminomiya Hiroyasu, was a second lieutenant of navy at the age of 20 on December 7, he was demoted from nobility to subject, established the family of Marquis Kacho and at the same time he succeeded Saishi (religious service) of Kachonomiya family.

The former residence of Marquis Kacho located in Kamakura City was acquired by Kamakura City in 1996 and the garden has been opened to the general public as the former residence of Kachonomiya.

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