Karu no Oiratsume (軽大娘皇女)

Karu no oiratsume was a princess, who was a daughter of the 19th imperial ruler, Emperor Ingyo. Her mother was Empress Oshisaka no onakatsunohime no mikoto. According to the Kojiki (The Records of Ancient Matters), she was such a beautiful woman that she was called Sotoorihime, by which it was meant that her beauty appeared as if it could penetrate her clothes. She had an (incestuous) affair with her older brother-uterine Kinashi no karu no miko.

As a result, Kinashi no karu no miko was overthrown after the demise of Emperor Ingyo, and was deported to Iyo Province. Later, she followed him and the two committed joint suicide in Iyo Province.
(Sotoorihime legend)

According to the Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan), Karu no oiratsume herself was deported to Iyo Province in A.D. 435 immediately after their relationship was brought to light.

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