Ki no himemiko (Princess Ki) (紀皇女)

Ki no himemiko (year of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Imperial Family who lived in the Asuka period. Her father was the Emperor Tenmu, and her mother was Onu no iratsume, who was a daughter of SOGA no Akae. Her older brother-uterine was the Imperial Prince Hozumi, and her younger sister-uterine was Takata no himemiko.

Unlike other princesses of the Emperor Tenmu, few of her records remain.

Although Nos. 119 to 122 in the volume two of Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves) are the romantic poems exchanged between her and Yuge no miko (the Prince Yuge), there are no historical documentation that attests to their marriage.

One theory has it that she married the Emperor Monmu ("Yomi no Okimi," Takeshi UMEHARA), but the truth is unknown.

Manyoshu states that she was blamed for marrying Takayasu no okimi (the Prince Takayasu), but one theory (by Noboru YOSHINAGA) has it that it was Taki no himemiko (the Princess Taki) who married him.

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