Kinashi no Karu no Miko (木梨軽皇子)

Born as the first prince of the 19th imperial ruler, Emperor Ingyo, Kinashi no karu no miko was the Crown Prince. His mother was Empress Oshisaka no onakatsunohime no mikoto. His younger brothers-uterine included Anaho no miko (later Emperor Anko) and Ohatsuse no wakatakeru no miko (later Emperor Yuryaku).

According to the "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters), Kinashi no karu no miko was formally installed as Crown Prince in A.D. 434.

But he had an (incestuous) affair with his younger sister-uterine Karu no oiratsume and as a result, he was overthrown after the demise of Emperor Ingyo, and was deported to Iyo Province. It is said that later, he committed joint suicide with Karu no oiratsume, who had followed him.
(Sotoorihime legend)

According to the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), it is Karu no oiratsume who was deported to Iyo Province in A.D. 435 after the incestuous affair with Kinashi no karu no miko, and he was forced to death by Anaho no miko in A.D. 453, the year when Emperor Ingyo demised.

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