Konoe Koreko (近衛維子)

Koreko KONOE (December 6, 1760 – November 6, 1783) was "Nyogo" (a wife or concubine of Emperor) of the Emperor Gomomozono. She was a daughter of Kanpaku Dajodaijin (the imperial regent and grand minister) Uchisaki KONOE. Udaijin (the minister of the right), Tsunehiro KONOE was her younger brother.

In November 1769, She got married to the crown prince who was Imperial Prince Hidehito (later the Emperor Gomomozono). In December 1772, She received an imperial letter of appointment as the title Nyogo, in consequence of that Imperial Prince Hidehito had been enthroned to the Emperor in 1770.

In January 1779, she gave birth to the first daughter, Yoshiko; Imperial Princess Yoshiko was given the title "Jusango" (Sub-three empresses) in June of the same year. The Emperor Gomomozono passed away in November 1779. Since Imperial Princess Yoshiko was the only child of the Emperor Gomomozono, Koreko had to hastily adopt Prince Sachinomiya from a collateral line; Prince Sachinomiya who was the sixth son of Imperial Prince Kaninnomiya Sukehito ascended the throne as the Emperor Kokaku later.

Koreko became the Empress Dowager in March 1781 and assumed the position to support the new emperor, which gave her both the title and power; Nevertheless, shortly after that, she passed away on November 6, 1783. She died at the age of 24. On the same day, she was given the title Nyoingo and was called "Seikamonin"as her honorific name. She lies at rest at the Tsukinowa Mausoleum in Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.

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