Kumenomiko (Prince Kume) (来目皇子)

Kumenomiko (year of birth unknown - March 25, 603) was an Imperial Family member during the Asuka period. He is also known as Kumeo. His father was the Emperor Yomei. His mother was Anahobe no Hashihitohime. The Prince Shotoku was his older brother-uterine.

In March 602, he was appointed to Shiragi Seito Shogun (great general for subduing Shiragi [Silla]) and given an army of 25,000 soldiers. In April in the same year, leading the army, he reached Tsukushi Province and stationed in Shima County (Chikuzen Province), but had to postpone his military advance to Shiragi after falling ill in June. Before completing his mission of conquering Shiragi, he died in Tsukushi Province on March 25, 603.
His funeral was organized by Haji no Ite and took place in Sawa County (Yamaguchi Prefecture) (Kuwanoyama, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture is traditionally believed to be the place.)

His body was buried at the top of Hanyu-no-yama Mountain in Kawachi Province. Today, a cave tomb (a square tomb of about 50 meters on the side) located in 3-chome, Habikino, Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture has been identified as Kumenomiko's mausoleum, and it is under the management of the Imperial Household Agency.

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