Minamoto no Kenshi (Kaneko) (源兼子)

MINAMOTO no Kenshi (also known as Kaneko) (915 - October 972) was a shisei kozoku (member of the Imperial Family conferred with a family name) during the mid Heian period. Daigo-Genji (Minamoto clan). She was the Princess of Emperor Daigo, and her mother was MINAMOTO no Shushi (also known as Chikako, a daughter of MINAMOTO no Tonau), who was a koi (a lady in waiting in the court). Her brothers/sisters-uterine were Imperial Prince Tokiakira, Imperial Prince Moriakira, Imperial Princess Isoko, Imperial Princess Toshi, Imperial Princess Gashi (also known as Masako) and MINAMOTO no Takaakira.

On December 28, 920 (old lunar calendar), she was given the family name of MINAMOTO no Ason and was entered into the kanjaku (family register) of Sakyo Ichijo Ichibo. The next year, in 921, she received a dajokan-pu (an official order issued by the Grand Council of State) from the Ministry of Popular Affairs, designating MINAMOTO no Takaakira as the householder. She was investitured with the Jushii (Junior Fourth Rank) title, but died in October 972. Due to the death of Kenshi, the dispatch of an imperial messenger to a shrine for praying for the rain to stop scheduled on November 19, 972 was postponed.

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