Minamoto no Kiyohime (源潔姫)

MINAMOTO no Kiyohime (810 - August 3, 856) was Emperor Saga's Princess. Her mother was a daughter of TAIMA no Osadamaro. She was FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa's wife.

She was the first Princess who became the wife of a husband who was a subject with a historical record, although she married after being demoted from nobility to a commoner, due to regulations issued by the Emperor, the Princesses (Imperial Princesses) were only allowed to marry Princes up to the third generation (the Emperor's grandchildren). She only gave birth to FUJIWARA no Akirakeiko (Meishi) (Somedono no Kisaki) who later became the Empress of Emperor Montoku as Yoshifusa's child, since Yoshifusa did not have another concubine, he adopted his nephew, FUJIWARA no Mototsune as his successor.


In 814, after receiving the surname of Minamoto no Ason, she became the wife of FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa.

In 829 she gave birth to her daughter, FUJIWARA no Akirakeiko (Meishi) (Somedono no Kisaki).

In 841 she received Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank).

She died in 856.

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