Meimei no Gi (naming ceremony) (命名の儀)

Meimei no gi is a ceremony for naming an imperial member on the seventh day (oshichiya) from his/her birthday. At the same time, an oshirushi (symbol) is also given to the imperial member.


When an imperial member is born, the father of the imperial member, Imperial Household Archives, and scholar of the Chinese classics discuss and determine the name to be given (and the title if the child is a direct descendant).

When the options of the name are narrowed, in the case of the direct descendant, the emperor makes the final decision. In the case of Miyake (families allowed to have the status of the Imperial Family), the name is determined by the sole intension of the father.

The determined name is written on Otaka washi (big size fine crepe paper) in black ink, the parents check it, and then an official of the Imperial Household Agency puts it into a paulownia box.

The paulownia box is placed next to the pillow of the imperial member.

The mother of the imperial member checks the contents, and then returns them into the box.

The box is returned to the father of the imperial member.

That is all for 'Meimei no gi.'
The name is then recorded in Kotofu (the genealogy of the Imperial Family).

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