Minu no Okimi (美努王)

Minu no Okimi (year of birth unknown - May, 708) was one of the Imperial family members of the Asuka period. His father was Kurikuma no Okimi. He and his wife, Agata no INUKAI no Michiyo, had children called Katsuragi no Okimi (later, his name was changed to TACHIBANA no Moroe), Sai no Okimi, and Muro no Okimi. He is also called "Mino-O," and his name is spelled using Chinese characters in a various way including "美努王" "弥努王""美奴王""美弩王""三野王."

He was in Tsukushi with his father Kurikuma no Okimi, when the Jinshin War happened in July, 672, and he denied the request of the Emperor Kobun side to conscribe soldiers in Tsukushi. In 681, he engaged in recording and revising of the 'Teiki' (the Record of Emperors) and affairs of high antiquity with Imperial Prince Kawashima and others. In 694, he was appointed as Tsukushi no Omikotomochi no Tsukasa (the chief of the governors of northern Kyushu) and Jokoshi (the last rank among Princes from 685 to 701). After that, he held positions including the chief of Zotaiheishi (造大幣司) (the chief of Making Onusa [大幣] Division: Onusa is linen or paper streams attached to a wooden stick, which is used in Shinto ceremony) Sakyo no daibu (the Grand Master of the Eastern Capital Offices), and Settsu daibu (the Grand Master of Settsu Province), and he died when he had the court rank of Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade).

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