Monk-Imperial Prince Honin (法仁法親王)

Monk-Imperial Prince Honin (1325 - December 2, 1352) was the Monk-Imperial Prince during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His father was Emperor Godaigo. His mother was gon dainagon (provisional major counselor) sanmi no tsubone (court lady in third Rank) Michiko. His popular name was 躬良.

He was announced as Monk-Imperial Prince in 1334, became a priest at Daisho-in of Ninna-ji Temple, and underwent a Kanjo ceremony (where water is poured over the top of the head to attain the rank of priest) performed by Monk-Imperial Prince Hoshu in 1338. In the following year, 1339, he was awarded nihon (the second court rank for Imperial Princes), and assumed the post of kengyo (temple or shrine administrator) of Rokusho-ji (Rikusho-ji) Temple.

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