Monk-Imperial Prince Jido (慈道法親王)

Monk-Imperial Prince Jido (1282 - April 27, 1341) was the Monk-Imperial Prince from the latter half of Kamakura period to the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. His father was Emperor Kameyama. His mother was Sochi no tenji, the daughter of TAIRA no Tokinaka. His Buddhist name was Seiryu-in Juraku-in.

In 1295, he moved into the Shoren-in Temple, and he was announced as the Imperial Prince the same year. Thereafter, he became the head priest of Hoju-ji Temple, Shoren-in Monzeki (a head priest of temple formerly led by the founder of sect temple in which resided a member of the nobility or imperial family) and was assigned as the head priest of the Buddhist Tendai sect, three times after 1314. He also served as betto (steward) of Shitenno-ji Temple during that time.

He was excellent at waka (Japanese poem); his waka is contained in anthology of waka poems compiled by imperial command under Shin Gosen Waka shu (New Later Collection of Japanese Poetry).
Kashu (collections of poem) contains `Collection of poems written by Monk-Imperial Prince Jido.'

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