Monk-Imperial Prince Jiun (慈運法親王)

Monk-Imperial Prince Gyoin (1466 - 1537) was the Monk-Imperial Prince during the Warring States period. His father was Imperial Prince Sadatsune, the son of Fushiminomiya Imperial Prince Sadafusa. He was adopted by Emperor Gotsuchimikado. His first Buddhist name was Ryogen, later he was renamed as Jiun. He was also referred to as nihon (the second rank for an Imperial Prince) no sojo (a high-ranking priest).

He moved into Manju-in Temple, became the monzeki (chief priest) in 1495 and he was assigned to Betto (steward) of Kitano Shrine. He was awarded nihon (the second rank for an Imperial Prince) in 1530, took the additional post of the head priest of Hoju-ji Temple, and was assigned to the head priest of a Buddhist sect in 1533. He was excellent in waka (Japanese poem) or renga (linked verse).

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