Monk-Imperial Prince Joson (静尊法親王)

Monk-Imperial Prince Joson (date of birth and death unknown) was the Monk-Imperial Prince from the latter half of the Kamakura period to the period of the Northern and Southern Courts. He was the prince of Emperor Godaigo; his mother was Yugimonin Ichijo no tsubone whose father was FUJIWARA no Sanetoshi, a state councilor shosanmi (Senior Third Rank). His brother with the same mother was Imperial Prince Yoyoshi.

He became a priest and entered into Shogo-in Temple, and transported to Tajima Province and was placed under Morinobu OTA, the provincial military governor of Tajima Province in 1332 when the Genko War occurred. When Tadaaki CHIKUSA invaded Kyoto in 1333, he joined them with Morinobu OTA; Monk-Imperial Prince Joson became the leader of the troops. He fought with the ASHIKAGA forces and his subsequent fate was unknown.

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