Monk-Imperial Prince Shoin (承胤法親王)

Monk-Imperial Prince Shoin (1317 - May 16, 1377) was the Monk-Imperial Prince from the end of Kamaura period to the period of the Northern and Souther Courts. His father was Emperor Gofushimi. His mother was Moriko OGIMACHI, jusanmi; Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) (gon dainagon (provisional major counselor) Saneakira OGIMACHI's daughter). He is also referred to as Kojuin no miya. Emperor Kogon and Emperor Komyo were his brothers of different mothers; Monk-Imperial Prince Chojo, Monk-Imperial Prince Ryosho, Imperial Princess Koshi (Shotokumonin) were his brothers with of same mother.

He became a priest in July, 1331. Afterward, he succeeded Kaji Monzeki (the head priest of Sanzen-in Temple), and took the post as the head priest of the Buddhist Tendai sect, three times after 1344. He became betto (steward) of the Shitenno-ji Temple in August 1359, and returned to live in Nashimoto monseki in 1371 in accordance with Inzen (a document of order by Emperor) of Emperor Gokogon. He was awarded nihon (the second rank for an Imperial Princes), and passed away in May 24, 1377. He died at the age of 61.

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