Mumongensen (無文元選)

Mumongensen (March 30, 1323 - April 16, 1390) was the priest of the Rinzai sect during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan). His father was Emperor Godaigo. His Chokushigo (a posthumous title given by the Imperial order) was Shokan kokushi, Enmyo Daishi.

He entered into the priesthood at Kennin-ji Temple in 1340, in the following year his father, Emperor Godaigo died and he studied under Myoso Sokan and Sesson Yubai. In 1343 he decided to go to Yuan (dynasty) in China, and he practiced Zen with Muingenkai at Hakata Shofuku-ji Temple. After that he went to Yuan, and practiced Zen with Kobai Shoyu at Fuzhou Daikaku-ji Temple, then made a round of pilgrimages to various places. After he came back to Japan, he visited many places for edification, and he built places like the Hoko-ji Temple in Totomi Province (Hamamatsu City).

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