Ogimachi Naoko (正親町雅子)

Naoko OGIMACHI (December 14, 1803 - August 6, 1856) was Nyoin (a woman bestowed with the title "in") in the late Edo period. Her father was Sanemitsu OGIMACHI. Her mother was Chieko, a daughter of Kintei YOTSUTSUJI. She had some children who were Emperor Komei, two other princes and one princess. The OGIMACHI family was an important family on the Kanin line (one of the FUJIWARA clique) which was a branch of the TOIN family.

In 1820, she was received at the court of Emperor Ninko and became "Gon no naishi no suke" (a temporary maid of honor); She was promoted to "Naishi no suke" (a court lady of the first rank) in 1821. In 1842, she was given the title "Shogoinoge"(Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade); She called herself "Todainagon no tsubone" the next year. Since she was given the title "Jugo" in 1850, when the Imperial letter was issued to permit her to use the title "in," she called herself "Shintaikenmonin."

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