Nunasokonakatsuhime no mikoto (渟名底仲媛)

Nunasokonakatsuhime no mikoto was the Empress of Emperor Annei. She was the real mother of Ikisomimi no mikoto, Emperor Itoku, Shikitsuhiko, and others.

In the main text of "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), she appears as the Empress. She is also mentioned as Nunasohime. She was a daughter of Kamoo who was a son of Kotoshiro nushi (a Japanese ancient god). Her mother was unknown. In the third year of Emperor Annei's reign, she ascended to be the Empress.

In "Sendai Kujihongi" (Ancient Japanese History), she is described as a daughter of Amehikatakushihikata no mikoto, called Nunasokohime no mikoto, as the following phrase describes:三世孫 天日方奇日方命 亦名 阿田都久志尼命 此命娶日向賀牟度美良姬 生一男一女 兒 健飯勝命 妹 渟中底姬命 此命 片鹽浮穴宮天皇 安寧 片鹽浮穴宮 或本坐輕地曲峽宮 立為皇后 誕生四兒 即 大日本根子彥耜友天 懿德 次 常津命 次 磯城津彥命 次 手研彥奇友背命也 (意味不明のため訳出不能).

On the other hand, in "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters), the Empress is Akutohime, the daughter of Shiki no agatanonushi Hae, while the frist addendum to the Nihonshoki mentions the Empress is Kawatsuhime, the daughter of Ishiki no agatanonushi Hae, and the second addendum describes her as Itoihime, the daughter of Oma no sukune.

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