Ota no himemiko (Imperial Princess Ota) (大田皇女)

The Imperial Princess Ota (year of birth unknown - c. March, 667) was one of the Imperial Family members during the Asuka period. Her father was the Emperor Tenchi (Tenji), and her mother was Ochi no iratsume, a daughter of SOGANOKURA-YAMADA no Ishikawamaro. She had an younger sister-uterine, the Empress Jito, and an younger brother-uterine, Takeru no miko.

The Princess Ota, as well as her younger sister, Uno no Sarara, married the Emperor Tenmu, and gave birth to Oku no himemiko (the Princess Oku) and the Prince Otsu, but she died young before the enthronement of her husband. When she died, the Princess Oku was seven years old and the Prince Otsu was five, so both were fostered out to the Emperor Tenchi (Tenji), their maternal grandfather. She was buried together with her grandmother, the Empress Kogyoku and her aunt, Hashihito no Himemiko (a younger sister of the Emperor Tenchi [Tenji] and also the empress of the Emperor Kotoku).

Guessing from the fact that her younger sister-uterine, the Princess Uno no Sarara became an empress later, if the Princess Ota had lived longer, she would have become the empress of Tenmu. It is assumed that the loss of his mother in his early age affected the Prince Otsu's life significantly, including the confrontation against the Prince Kusakabe later on.

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