Ozaho no Okimi (袁邪本王)

Ozaho no okimi (year of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Imperial family, who appears in the Japanese Myth. He was the second prince of Hikoimasu no miko, and a grandchild of the Emperor Kaika. He is an ancestor of the Kadononowake and Chikatsuomi Kanunowake clans. His mother was Sahonookura mitome, a daughter of Kasugatatekuni katsutome (from the name ending with "tome," we can see this is a woman; however, father of Sahonookura mitome is unknown). He had three maternal half-brothers and sisters: Sahohiko no miko, an ancestor of the Kusakabe no muraji and Kai no kuni no miyatsuko clans; Murobiko no miko, an ancestor of the Wakasa no mimi no wake clan; and Sahohime no mikoto, an empress to the Emperor Suinin.

Together with his father Hikoimasu no miko, Ozaho no okimi is enshrined as a deity at Karuno-jinja Shrine located in Hatasho-cho, Echi County, Shiga Prefecture. He is also included in deities enshrined at Sawakato-jinja Shrine located in Kinomoto-cho, Ika County, Shiga Prefecture.

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