Prince Funado (Funado no Okimi) (道祖王)

Prince Funado (year of birth unknown - July 757) was a member of the Imperial family in the Nara period. The son of Imperial Prince Nittabe and the grandson of Emperor Tenmu.

In 737, he was promoted to Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and Nakatsukasa-kyo. In 740, he was promoted to Jushiijo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade).

In May 756, after the demise of Emperor Tenmu, Prince Funado became the Crown Prince of Empress Koken by the Emperor's will. In March 757, Empress Koken (actually will of Empress Komyo) proposed to depose the Crown Prince, saying that Prince Funado secretly contacted a jido (page) and disclosed confidential information to the public in the mourning of Emperor Daijo. Udaijin (the minister of the right) FUJIWARA no Toyonari and the retainers under him agreed to her proposal. Prince Funado withdrew from Togubo (Togu-gosho) by himself and said "I am too foolish to be a Crown Prince".

In April, Empress Koken raised another proposal to select a new Crown Prince. Udaijin Toyonari and Chunagon (the vice-councilor of state) FUJIWARA no Nagate nominated Prince Shioyaki, the brother of Prince Funado. Daibu (the master) of Settsu Province FUNYA no Chinu and Sadaiben (the controller of the left) OTOMO no Komaro nominated Prince Ikeda (the son of Imperial Prince Toneri, the son of Emperor Tenmu). Shibirei (the director general of the Sheba institution) FUJIWARA no Nakamaro proposed the Crown Prince should be selected by the Empress. Empress Koken said Prince Shioyaki (the older brother of Prince Funado) was not appropriate because Prince Funado was deposed due to his misconduct. Meanwhile in the family line of Imperial Prince Toneri, Prince Fune did not have a stable wife and Prince Ikeda was an undutiful son. Since only Emperor Junnin did not have bad rumors, she said Prince Oi should be the Crown Prince. Her retainers agreed to her proposal.

Prince Oi not only lived in the house of Nakamaro but he was also married to AWATA no Morone (the widow of FUJIWARA no Mayori, the deceased eldest son of Nakamaro). Nakamaro strongly wished Prince Oi to be the Crown Prince. Nakamaro was promoted to Shibinaiso (equivalent to minister).

TACHIBANA no Naramaro was dissatisfied with the promotion of Nakamaro. He planned to kill Nakamaro in cooperation with OTOMO no Komaro, depose Empress Koken, and have Prince Shioyakki, Prince Funado, Prince Asukabe, or Prince Kibumi become the new emperor. In July, this plan was exposed by an anonymous report. Naramaro, Komaro, Prince Kibumi as well as Prince Funado, the former Crown Prince, were all arrested for their involvement in the rebellion. Prince Funado was forced to change his name to Madoi (misled man), and he died in prison after being tortured violently with a stick under the control of FUJIWARA no Nagate, Kyofuku KUDARANOKONIKISHI and Prince Fune.
(The revolt of TACHIBANA no Naramaro)

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