Prince Fushiminomiya Haruhito (伏見宮治仁王)

Prince Fushiminomiya Haruhito (1370 - February 28, 1417) was a Japanese Imperial family member during the period of the Northern and Southern Court and the Muromachi period. He was the family head of the second Fushiminomiya family, which was one of the heredity Imperial families.


His father was Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Yoshihito, and his mother was Saneharu SANJO's daughter, FUJIWARA no Haruko (Nishi no Onkata). His brother was Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Sadafusa, the third family head of the Fushiminomiya family. His grandfather was Emperor Suko.

Brief Personal History

He had coming-of-age ceremony in 1408. After his father, Imperial Prince Yoshihito died in November 1416, he succeeded to Miyake (house of an imperial prince) however, he died after a few months. Prince Sadafusa who succeeded to his older brother, Prince Haruhito, was under the suspicion of killing his brother with poison, but he was released since the Retired Emperor Gokomatsu and the fourth Shogun Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA did a favor and made an alibi for Prince Sadafusa.

There is a common theory that Prince Haruhito was Imperial Prince Yoshihito's older brother, however there is another theory that it was recorded by mistake, and Prince Haruhito was Imperial Prince Sadafusa's younger brother.

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