Prince Kanimeikazuchi (Kanimeikazuchi no Miko) (迦邇米雷王)

Prince Kanimeikazuchi (Kanimeikazuchi no Miko; his date of birth and death are unknown) was a member of an Imperial family (royal family) during the Kofun period (tumulus period) appeared in the "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters). Also, Prince Kanimeikazuchi (迦邇米雷王) was written in different ways such as: 稚筒城王 (appeared in "Teio Keizu" [genealogical table of emperor]) and 若角城命. According to the "Kojiki," the father of Prince Kanimeikazuchi was Prince Yamashirono Ootsutsukimawaka, and the mother of Prince Kanimeikazuchi was Taniwa no Ajisawabime who was a daughter of Irine no Miko. Furthermore, Prince Kanimeikazuchi was the grandson of Prince Hikoimasu, in other words, he was a great-grandchild of the Emperor Kaika. Since Irine no Miko, the maternal grandfather of Kanimeikazuchi no Miko, was the younger maternal half-brother of Prince Yamashirono Ootsutsukimawaka, his father and mother were in the relationship between an uncle and a niece.

Prince Kanimeikazuchi married Takakihime, a daughter of Taniha no Towotsu Omi, as his princess; and then she gave birth to a son (prince), Prince Okinaga no Sukune ({Okinaga no Sukune no Miko}; he was also known as Okinaga no Sukune no Okimi [or Miko]).
Later, Prince Okinaga no Sukune became the father of the Empress Jingu,
His two other sons (princes) were considered to be ancestors of Omino kuni no miyatsuko, Kibi no kuni Honji kunino miyatsuko, and Tajima no kunino miyatsuko. Additionally, Prince Kanimeikazuchi had been the shusaijin (main enshrined deities) of the Suchi-jinja Shrine, which is located in Kyotanabe City, Kyoto Prefecture. Then, offspring of Prince Kanimeikazuchi seemed to assume the surname "Suchi."

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