Prince Mayowa (眉輪王)

Prince Mayowa (Mayowa no Okimi; born in 450, and died in 456) appeared in Kiki, ("Kojiki" [A Record of Ancient Matter] and the "Nihonshoki" [Chronicles of Japan]) as an Imperial family (royal family) in fifth century in Japan. Prince Mayowa (眉輪王) was also written as 目弱王.
The father of Prince Mayowa was Imperial Prince Okusaka, (Okusaka no Miko; he was a prince of the Emperor Nintoku.)
The mother of Prince Mayowa was Princess Nakashi, (中蒂姫命, Nakashi no Mikoto; she was a princess of the Emperor Richu.)

According to the Kiki, Imperial Prince Okusaka, the biological father of Prince Mayowa was killed by execution as a criminal ("chusatus" in Japanese) despite his innocence; the Emperor Anko was behind this execution. After this incident, Princess Nakashi, the mother of Prince Mayowa, became the Empress of the Emperor Anko; Prince Mayowa was raised as a step child of the Emperor Anko. Prince Mayowa was playing under the tower ("takadono" in Japanese) in 456; still a young child (according to recorded document he was seven years old), he overheard the entire conversation about his father's death, between the Emperor Anko and his mother.
Prince Mayowa realized that his late father was killed by the Emperor Anko, later he stabbed the Emperor Anko to death while he was sleeping (this was known as the Conspiracy of Prince Mayowa.)
ater, Prince Mayowa and Prince Sakai no Kurohiko (Sakai no Kurohiko no Miko) ran into the residency of Tsubura no Okimi. But, the army of Prince Ohatsuse (Ohatsuse no Miko; later, he became the Emperor Yuryaku) attacked them. In spite of a plea by Tsubura no Okimi for sparing their lives, they were burned to death.

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