Prince Oha (大派皇子)

Prince Oha (about 560 - year of death unknown) was the third prince of Emperor Bidatsu. His mother was KASUGA no Ominago.

Since he was called 'Omata no miko' in other text, it is said that he was the same person as 'Omata no miko,' a grandchild of Emperor Bidatsu.

In 636, he provided the following idea about government officials working system to a minister SOGA no Iruka, but Iruka ignored it.
"From now on, work should start before 6:00 am and finish after 10:00 am, and a bell should be rung at the start and end of work" (since the working hours of government officials were unclear, the sound of a bell let them know the start and finish time)

In 642, KOSE no Tokuta gave the shinobigoto (speech given to the spirit of the departed about his/her merit) on behalf of Prince Oha at the imperial funeral for Empress Kogyoku.

Since Takuta gave the shinobigoto before AWATA no Hosome, substitute for Prince Karu and OTOMO no Nagatoko, substitute for SOGA no Iruka, Prince Oha's status was high.

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