Prince Songa (尊雅王)

Prince Songa (date of birth and death unknown) was a member of the Imperial Family during the late Kamakura period. He was the second generation of Yotsutsujinomiya family. He was the son of Imperial Prince Yoshimune, who was the first generation of the Yotsutsujinomiya family. His children included Chisen Shotsu (the maternal grandmother of Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA) who was a wife of KI no Tsusei, and Yoshinari YOTSUTSUJI, who held the title of Sadaijin (minister of the left).

His life is mostly unknown; it is only assumed that he was the same person as 'Yotsutsuji Wakamiya' (a young Imperial Prince of Yotsutsuji) who was given the territory in 1316, one year before his father, supposedly Imperial Prince Yoshimune, died. On this occasion, however, Imperial Prince Yoshimune was already 84 years old, and therefore some are skeptical about the hypothesis that he had a biological son called 'Wakamiya' (a young imperial prince). Takeo OGAWA hypothesized that Prince Songa was the son of Imperial Prince Iwakuranomiya Tadafusa and was adopted by Imperial Prince Yoshimune.

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