Prince Toma (当麻皇子)

The Prince Toma (year of birth and death unknown) was in the Imperial Family between the late sixth century and the early seventh century. He was also called the Prince Maroko. His father was the Emperor Yomei. It is said that his mother was a daughter of either TAGIMANOKURA no Kurahiko (当麻倉日子) or KAZURAKI no Atai Ihamura. His wife was Toneri no himemiko, the imperial princess of the Emperor Kinmei.

After the Prince Kume, a paternal half-brother, who was a general in charge of conquering Shiragi (ancient Korean kingdom) died in 602, he was assigned as the general in May, 603. He departed from Nanba by ship, but his wife, Toneri no himemiko died in Akashi in Harima Province. Therefore, he buried her in Akashi, and then returned.

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