Prince Yamamura (Yamamura-O) (山村王)

Prince Yamamura (722 - December 16, 767) was a Kugyo (a high court noble) of the Nara period. He was the descendant of Prince Kume, who was the prince of Emperor Yomei (and possibly, the great-great-grandson of Prince Kume).

In 746, he was conferred Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). In 757, he was conferred Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade). In 759, he was appointed as Kokushi (the governor) of Kii Province. In 763, he was conferred Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). In 764, he was appointed as Shonagon (the Minor Councilor).

On October 14, 764, soon after she received an anonymous lead about the rebellion by Dajo-daijin (the Grand Minister) EMI no Oshikatsu (he was also called FUJIWARA no Nakamaro), Empress Koken sent Prince Yamamura to Chuguin, where Emperor Junnin was, and she had him collect the Imperial Seal and the Ekirei bell, which were needed to exercise imperial power. Some people say that Emperor Junnin was confined at this time. When FUJIWARA no Nakamaro heard this, he ordered one of his children, FUJIWARA no Kusumaro, to assault Prince Yamamura and to regain the Imperial Seal and the Ekirei bell. Prince Yamamura sent an urgent message to dispatch Jutoei Shojo (the junior lieutenant of Division of Inner Palace Guards) SAKANOUE no Karitamaro and Shoso (the officer of the Guards Division) OSHIKA no Shimatari. They shot Kusumaro to his death.

After that, Nakamaro escaped from Heijo-kyo capital. Nakamaro lost the battle and perished in Omi Province (the Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro).

The Retired Empress Koken was delighted that Prince Yamamura carried out her order, and she conferred Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) on him.

On November 10, 764, the Retired Empress Koken sent Hyobu-kyo (the Minister of Military Affairs) Prince Wake, Sahyoe no Kami (the head of Left Guard of the Emperor) Prince Yamamura, Gee-taisho (the General of Outside Guard Division) Kyofuku KUDARANOKONISHIKI, and others to Chuguin, where Emperor Junnin was, and several hundreds of soldiers surrounded it. After Prince Yamamura read the Imperial edict of dethronement of Emperor Junnin, Emperor Junnin was captured and exiled to Awaji Province.

In 765, Prince Yamamura was appointed as Yamato no Kuni no Kami, which was the governor of Yamato Province. In 766, he was granted 495,850 sq.m. of Kuden (Rice fields).

He died in November, 767, at the age of 46. When he died, his official court rank was Sangi Jusanmi Jibu-kyo (Councilor; Junior Third Rank; the chief of the Ministry of Imperial Household and Diplomat), and Sahyoe no Kami Yamato no Kami (the head of Left Guard of the Emperor; the governor of Yamato Province).

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