Princess Akiko (Akiko Joo) (顕子女王)

The Princess Akiko (April 4, 1640 - September 12, 1676) was Midaidokoro (the legal wife) of Ietsuna TOKUGAWA, the fourth Shogun of the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). She was the third princess of the Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Sadakiyo. Her name was Asanomiya when she was a child, and her Ingo (a title of respect given to close female relatives of the Emperor or a woman comparable standing) is Kogenin. The Princess Masako, who was the legal wife of the eighth Shogun Yoshimune TOKUGAWA, was her niece.

In 1657, she married Ietsuna and entered Nishinomaru (a castle compound to the west of the main compound) of the Edo-jo Castle. On October 20, 1659, she moved to Honmaru (a main compound of a castle) and was called Midaisama (the legal wife of Shogun; the same meaning as Midaidokoro). In 1673, she was conferred Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank).

On September 12, 1676, she died at the age of 37. She was buried in Kanei-ji Temple on Mt. Toei. Her Kaimyo (a posthumous Buddhist name) is Kogenin Zo Shonii Junen Shindaishi. In addition, she did not have any children with Ietsuna.

On August 29, 1677, she was posthumously conferred Juichii (Junior First Rank).

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