Princess Numaki iribime (渟名城入媛命)

Princess Numaki iribime (Nunaki iribime no Mikoto; the dates of her birth and death are unknown) was a princess of the Emperor Suinin. The mother of Princess Nunaki iribime was Owari no Ooshiamahime. Prince Yasakairibiko was his maternal half-brother of Princess Nunaki iribime. The paternal half-brothers of Princess Nunaki iribime were The Emperor Suinin and Prince Toyokiiribiko. Princess Numaki iribe (渟名城入媛命) was also written as unakiiribime no Mikoto (沼名木之入日売命).
In B.C 92, the Emperor Suinin ordered Princess Numakiiribe to worship 'Yamato no Ookuni Tamanokami (a Japanese God appearing in Japanese Mythology).'
However, after one year pasted, the Princess Numaki iribime lost much of her hair and weight; then, she eventually became too weak to perform the Saishi (religious service) ceremony.

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