Reizeiin (冷泉院)

Reizeiin was an Imperial Palace for the emperor who abdicated the throne during the Heian period.

It will be described later.

It is a posthumous title of Emperor Reizei. It is derived from 1.

It is the common name of the Emperor Reizei who appeared in the "Tale of Genji" after he abdicated the throne. It is derived from 1.

Reizeiin was one of the Goin Palaces (an Imperial Palace for the emperor who abdicated the throne) for successive emperors during the Heian period. It was located adjacent to the eastern part of Daidairi (place of the Imperial Palace and government offices), and spread over Sakyo-nijo-nibo, the eastern part of Omiya-oji Street, four towns in the northern part of Nijo-oji Street (it corresponds to the northeastern part of the present day Nijo-jo Castle). Reizeiin is said to have been Shinden-zukuri style (architecture representative of a nobleman's residence during the Heian period) with quite a few buildings.

It was established as rikyu (an imperial villa) during the Konin period (810-824), and a visit by Emperor Saga in 816 was recorded as a first visit. The emperor specified Reizeiin as a Goin Palace after he abdicated the throne, and lived there until 834. After the Retired Emperor Saga passed away, Reizeiin turned out to be the Imperial Palace for Empress TACHIBANA no Kachiko, the Retired Emperor Saga's wife; Emperor Yozei and Emperor Reizei also used Reizeiin as an Imperial Palace after that. It was used for a temporary Imperial Palace when Dairi (Imperial Palace) was burn out and restored, as well as for Satodairi (a temporary palace) for Emperor Murakami and Emperor Goreizei.

The original name was 'Reizenin' (冷然院), and it was renamed 'Reizeiin' (冷泉院) when it was restored around 954, because 'Reizenin' (冷然院) was considered unlucky for the reason that the character of '然' was similar to '燃' which means 'burn'; in fact, it had burned out and been restored a few times.

In 1055, the buildings of Reizeiin were demolished and removed and rebuilt in Ichijo-in, it was hardly known what happened after that. In recent years, ruins of gardens were found after excavating inside the Nijo-jo Castle area where Reizeiin was placed.

Brief history

816: Emperor Saga visited Reizen In (冷然院).

858: Emperor Montoku passed away in the newly built palace.

875: The first fire occurred.

880: It was restored.

949: The Retired Emperor Yozei passed away at Reizen In (冷然院). The second fire occurred.

954: It was renamed Reizeiin (冷泉院).

970: The third fire occurred.

1055: Buildings were removed and built in Ichijo-in.

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