Sahohiko no miko (狭穂彦王)

Sahohiko no miko (year of birth unknown - November, 25 B.C.) was a member of the Imperial family (Royal family), who appears in the Kojiki (The Records of Ancient Matters) and the Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan). In the Nihonshoki, his name is written as 狭穂彦王(Sahohiko no miko), while in the Kojiki, it is written as 沙本毘古王(Sahohiko no miko). He was the son of Hikoimasu no miko and the grandson of Emperor Kaika. He was the ancestor of Kusakabe no muraji (one of the most privileged surname given to local lords during the Yamato Dynasty) and Kainokuni no miyatsuko (local lord of Kai Province). His mother was the daughter of Kasuga tatekuni katsutome, called Sahonookuramitome. Ogiho no okimi, the ancestor of Kazuno no wake and Chikatsuomi no kano no wake, and Murobiko no miko, the ancestor of Wakasa no mimi no wake, were his maternal half brothers, and Empress of Emperor Suinin, Sahohime no mikoto was his maternal half sister.

In the fifth year of Emperor Suinin's reign, he incited his younger sister Sahohime no mikoto to assassinate the Emperor, who was her husband, however, his attempt was failed. Although he rose in revolt, he was cornered and the brother and sister killed themselves in Inagi Castle. This episode of 'Rebellion of Sahohime no mikoto and Sahohiko no miko' is said to be the story of the highest narrativity in the Kojiki.

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