Saku-no-miya (作宮)

Saku-no-miya (August 12, 1689 - June 7, 1692) was a member of the Imperial family who lived in the middle of the Edo period. He was the sixth family head of Tokiwai-no-miya (also known as Katsura-no-miya) family. He was the tenth son of the Emperor Reigen. His mother was Keishi SUGAWARA, a daughter of Tamenobu GOJO. His childhood name was Masanomiya, and in 1691 it was renamed Saku-no-miya.

After the death of Imperial Prince Hachijo-no-miya Naohito who had no heir in September 1689, Saku-no-miya became the heir of Imperial Prince to succeed to the Miyake (house of an imperial prince) as designated by his father (the Emperor) in November of the same year, and was granted the Miyago (reigning name) of Tokiwai-no-miya. As mentioned above, his name was changed into Saku-no-miya in 1691, but he passed away on June 7, 1692. He died at the age of 4. His posthumous Buddhist name was Jokudoku-in.

Although Saku-no-miya succeeded to the Miyake, he did not live in the Miyake's residence, therefore sometimes he is not counted as a member of the Katsura-no-miya clan.

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