Taira no Takamochi (平高望)

TAIRA no Takamochi (Prince Takamochi) (October 21, 839 - June 28, 911) was the Seishi Imperial family (Imperial family given surname by the Emperor) during the Middle Heian Period. There are two theories about his father being Imperial Prince Katsurahara (the fifth Prince of Emperor Kanmu), and another one that his father was Prince Taka (Imperial Prince Katsurahara's son). He was the grandchild (or great-grandchild) of Emperor Kanmu, and the originator of the Taira clan decended from Emperor Kanmu, the Prince Takamochi family. There are different theories on the date he died being May 4, 911, September 24, 912, January 24, 917.


On May 13, 889, he received an Imperial order from Emperor Uda to establish the Taira clan and was demoted from nobility to subject. He was appointed to Kazusa Province, however he went straight to his post instead of remaining in the city to manage the post from there, which was the custom of previous upper grade provincial governors. He took advantage of his background of former Imperial lineage to strengthen his political power and enjoyed good relations with the powerful local clan. He established the basis for the Taira clan for coming generations.

It is said his children are TAIRA no Kunika, TAIRA no Yoshikane, TAIRA no Yoshimasa (Yoshimochi), 平良繇(良孫), TAIRA no Yoshifumi and 平良茂. They all established the Samurai forces that settled in the Kanto area.

In 902 he became the provincial governor of Saikaido and lived in Dazaifu. He died in 911(or 912, 917) in Dazaifu.

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