Tagishimimi no mikoto (手研耳命)

Tagishimimi no mikoto (year of birth unknown - 585 B.C.), was a member of the Imperial family, who lived during the Kofun period (tumulus period). He was a son of Emperor Jinmu. His mother was Princess Ahiratsu hime, and in addition to Kisumimi no mikoto (he only appears in "Kojiki (The Records of Ancient Matters)) as his younger half-brother by the same mother, he had younger half brothers by different mothers, who were Emperor Suizei, Kamuyaimimi no mikoto, and Hikoyaimimi no mikoto. After Emperor Jinmu's death, he took his father's lawful wife, Princess Himetataraisuzu hime as his wife, and as he plotted the assassination of his three half brothers born between the Princess and Emperor Jinmu, he was killed in turn by the two of the three targeted half brothers, Kamuyaimimi no mikoto and Kamununakawamimi no mikoto (Emperor Suizei).

For details, see the section of "Rebellion of Tagishimimi."

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