Takamatsunomiya Imperial Prince Yoshihito (高松宮好仁親王)

Takamatsunomiya Imperial Prince Yoshihito (April 29, 1603 - July 14, 1638) was a member of Japanese Imperial Family who lived in the early Edo period. He was the first head of the Takamatsunomiya (Arisugawanomiya) family. He was the seventh son of Emperor Goyozei. His mother was Chuwamonin Sakiko (the daughter of Sakihisa KONOE who was a chancellor). His childhood name was Shichinomiya and he changed it into Sannomiya later.

In 1605, he became a disciple of Shogoinnomiya priest-Imperial Prince Koi. In 1612, he entered the Shogo-in Temple. In January and February 1613, he received the Emperor's proclamation for being an Imperial Prince and was named Tadasuke. Then he went through the genpuku (ceremony of attaining manhood) and changed his name to Yoshihito. He was given the rank of nihon (the second rank for an Imperial Prince' ranks) and was assigned to serve Danjodai (the judicial office) on the same day.

He received a miyago (a title given for Japanese imperial family), Takamatsunomiya in October and November 1625. It is said that the miyago, Takamatsunomiya was derived from the fact that the residence of Haruko KAJUJI, who was Imperial Prince Yoshihito's adopted mother, was called Takamatsu dono. In 1630, he married Princess Kame (Hojuin) who was the daughter of the Lord of the Fukui Domain, Tadanao MATSUDAIRA and adopted daughter of the second Shogun Hidetada TOKUGAWA. He passed away on July 14, 1638. His age at death was 36. His homyo was 永照院招月不白.

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